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We are a full-service, independent communications firm based in Calgary, Alberta.
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About Story Communications

What's Our Story?

Story Communications is a full-service creative public relations agency.

We have expertise in communications planning, public relations, community relations, community investment and event planning and execution. We also have a strong and committed focus on the not-for-profit community in Calgary. We take our work very seriously – ourselves less so. In a nutshell, we are good at what we do, like to have fun and take pride in achieving real and measurable results for our clients.

There have been many chapters in our corporate history over the past ten years, but one thing has not changed – our team provides the best in customer and communications services.

Speaking of our team, our cast of characters brings experience, expertise, a ‘roll up your sleeves and get things done’ attitude, a great sense of fun and, most of all, an unparalleled dedication to our clients.

What We Do & How Success Stories

The Characters


Trevor leads the Story Communications team. Her client experience includes media relations and communications planning for Suncor, Devon, National Music Centre, and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation. She has worked with a number of corporations to help them make the most of their commitment to their community investment initiatives, as well as leading large publicly-traded companies through change management projects.

Trevor has over 20 years of experience spanning all sectors from not-for-profit to retail to oil and gas. She is well-versed in all aspects of communications from strategy development through media and government relations.

Trevor has an uncanny ability to get to the root of a communications issue, clear the clutter and extract the messaging and tactics that garner results for her clients.

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CEILIDH PRICE / Supporting

Ceilidh brings 15 years of experience on one side or another in the public relations industry. Ceilidh has proven that she thrives in an environment that allows her to put her strongest skill to use – relationship-building. She has an ability to identify and pursue opportunities with an agility and eye for innovation while maintaining a clear line-of-sight to the bottom line.

Her finesse and enthusiasm likely stems from her background as an entrepreneur, having built a communications and community relations firm with Robb Price and Trevor Beckman in 2001, which was sold to a major international public relations consortium in 2006.

Ceilidh has provided counsel for clients spanning various sectors including retail, sports, oil and gas, technology, design, architecture and not-for-profit.

In addition, her background in journalism gives her an understanding of public relations and community relations “from the other side of the fence.”

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Recent Successes

Devon Energy Jugo Juice Volunteer Calgary

Story Communications works with clients who have compelling stories to tell and who understand the value of working with a professional storyteller. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes: from billion-dollar oil and gas companies to not-for-profits. What they all share is they want to be heard and make a positive impact. Story Communications helps our clients do that.

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Best-of-breed Crowdsourcing

Deliver Good Ditto Communications SterlingKlor Communications

Story Communications values collaboration, with our clients and our partners. We work with talented innovators in their respective fields to help us provide an exceptional client experience every single time.

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What We Do and How We Do It

A unique story deserves a personalized approach and our services reflect that belief.

Below are some of the key services Story Communications provides with the understanding each client and project warrants a customized program with carefully crafted messaging that reaches audiences to create positive change.

Marketing Communications Strategy Planning

Great results start with a solid plan.  Basically, a communications plan gives us an opportunity to learn more about you and your organization. We want to understand what your business objectives are and what challenges you face.  From there we develop a communications strategy and outline the tactics to get you results.

PR & Media Relations
PR & Media

How come some stories become news and other don’t?  Story Communications will help to unravel the mystery. We work with you to get your story above the noise and your voice heard by traditional media, bloggers, tweeters, online news sources, etc.

Community Relations

We all want to support the communities where we work and play. But what’s the best approach, and how do you let your ‘communities’ know you are there, that you care and you want to be an active and positive member of your community? We can help to develop a strategy and a plan of action to help your organization remain or become a welcome part of your community.

Community Investment

Community investment is far more than a grip and grin photo of you presenting a big foam cheque. Your community investment should enhance your corporate reputation and reflect your corporate values. Story Communications works with companies to help them leverage their charitable giving. We also work with the not-for-profit sector helping them garner more profile for their initiatives.

Change Management

Changes they are a coming! This can strike fear in even the happiest of employees. We have extensive experience in helping companies adapt to BIG change – internally and externally. Think going to a new operating system across your entire organization or changing the way you do business across a department of over 1,500 employees with impacts to thousands of vendors. We can help you communicate change and (hopefully) limit some of the stress that comes with change.

Storytelling in Four Chapters

Listen and Learn

We sit down and listen to your story. We want to know the main characters, what messages you want to share, who you want to hear it and what you would like them to do once they have heard your story.

Think and Plan

We know your story and we know where you want to go. In this chapter we develop the map to help take you there. No two stories are the same – yours is no exception. We focus on your business objectives and apply our knowledge of communications to develop a strategy and plan that helps get your story heard.

Storytelling Unleashed

This is where it all comes together. We know your story, we know where you want to go and we know how we are going to get there. We select the most effective tools to get your story heard. It could be through media or community relations, or perhaps through social media, or through an internal employee communications program.  A creative and customized solution is executed to meet your needs.

How Was Our Storytelling?

At the end we evaluate the success of our story telling. Did we get your story out? Did people take the action that we wanted? Essentially did we achieve the business results that we set out to do at the beginning?  What is the morale of this story and what can we do better next time?


Success Stories

From beginning to end, we provide creative communication solutions to help our clients’ share their story.

Perhaps you wish to profile a community investment initiative or your organization is undergoing a big change and you want your employees to understand what this change means to them, or are launching a new program, product or brand. Whatever story you need to tell, we are focused on helping you tell it to the right people, at the right time and in a meaningful way that resonates with your audiences.

We are master storytellers, but don’t take our word for it, ask our clients…

Success Stories

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